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Painted sign

Responsible Signs

This sign was installed on a weekend, the sign I built and hand painted was made with all recycled materials.  The owner has had great feedback almost instantaneously as the sign replaced a cheap banner.  The Hand Painted sign is on barn board from a local farm, the frame an old Victorian base board and the paint was left over from another job.

Update, The Envirosponsible store is no longer around but the owner is, he’s now recycling houses and has his realtor license (I’ll add in he’s link once I have it).


Hand Painted Dragster

Hamburger Dragster

I was called late one night to letter a stock class drag car, back to the original owners name, the owner asked to add the ‘Hamburger’ back on two sides of this Duster!

It’s a very cool working on this old car and I hope to be doing it for a long time!

The owner has taken so much time and dedication to get it back to its original state, he has traveled through the US and meet with past owners to get this drag car back to its early stock setup.