Neon Sign Coloring Book

American Sign Museum

Neon road signs are an icon to all who have traveled the old highways of days gone by.

I can vividly remember siting for days, driving through state after state, I even learned to ride a 2 wheeled bike in Florida and home is a long way away from Florida!

The fascination of these towering art giants, brightly flashing neon danced in my head, as my head bobbed on the arm rest, it’s still fresh in my mind even years later.

Travelling down to the American Sign Museum this past September for event #LH40 has relight the flame.

AmericanNeonSignsOver the past year have been busy, going through old photos and new, the project to create an Adult colouring book of ‘American Neon Road Signs’ took on a life of its own.

The coloring book and material have been waiting an very long time, once the pencil started to roll it did not stop until the book was finished.

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